Get the personalized support and 1:1 guidance you need to sustainably lose weight without dieting.




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S3 Weight Management 1:1 Coaching Program is a physician-led program designed around the S3 (systematic, stratified, sustainable) approach.

It provides you with the support and guidance you need to make sustainable changes.

The program follows your Lifestyle Medicine Assessment and TARGET Nutrition Plan.

With this information, we can address the first two key issues in weight management:

  • Are your current lifestyle behaviours contributing to your inability to lose weight?
  • Are there medical reasons why you have gained weight or why you may be struggling to lose weight?

If there are significant medical or behavioural reasons for your weight gain - correcting these comes first.

Cost $99/month

The Wellness Garage S3 Weight Management Program is an evidence based lifestyle medicine program that can help you find the key behaviours that lead to sustainable weight loss.

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S3 Weight Management

1 on 1 Coaching Support

Working closely with a nutritionist you will learn  to change your nutrition and your habits to lose weight and improve your health.

Included in the monthly program:

  • Monthly appointments with your nutritionist health coach
  • Secure messaging with your coach
  • Monthly Group Q&A sessions with our physician and nutritionists.
  • Health Foundations digital curriculum on our exclusive platform
  • Medical follow-up and supervision as needed - all visits covered by MSP