Comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Plan for Weight Loss


The Comprehensive Plan combines:

TARGET Nutrition Plan

  • Three sessions with our nutritionist
  • A detailed nutrition history, dietary preferences and food sensitivities
  • Education about your optimal food choices to meet your goals
  • Sample meal plans
  • Goal setting and follow up accountability
  • Everything you need to kick-start your nutrition tune-up.

TARGET Fitness Plan

  • Three sessions with an exercise physiologist
  • A detailed review of your exercise habits
  • Comprehensive fitness assessment
  • Detailed Exercise Plan
  • Demonstration work-out

DXA Body Composition

Learn your body fat %, fat distribution, bone density and lean mass - learn more about DXA.

Everything you need to personalize your S3 Weight Management Program.

Cost $599

Get a comprehensive plan to help you lose weight.

Starting with a Lifestyle Medicine Assessment, our physician will review your key biomarkers, medical history and lifestyle behaviours known to impact health.  Your assessment includes medically necessary lab investigations and referrals to any specialists as indicated by your exam.

Included in the Comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Plan

  • TARGET Nutrition Plan
  • TARGET Fitness Plan
  • DXA Body Composition
  • Personalized Meal Plans
  • Sample Meal Plans
  • Personalized Workout Plan
  • Lifestyle Medicine Assessment
  • Health Vision and Goal Setting with our Clinical Health Counsellor
  • (All medical visits covered by MSP)

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