Take control of your health

Learn more about how a Precision Health Tune Up can be the first step you take to transform your health.

Our clinic coordinator will reach out to you to discuss your needs and see if this is the right fit for you.

Our physician-led, team of experts can provide you with all the support and guidance you need

Get a personalized Precision Health Tune Up Action Plan to make the changes necessary to optimize your health, lose weight, increase energy, fight inflammation or address your individual health concerns.

Lifestyle Medicine Assessment

Goal Setting

TARGET Nutrition Assessment

Nutrition Follow Up

Functional Movement Screening

Coaching Follow Up

What is Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is about you taking control of your own health with better nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction.

Everything our team of experts recommend is evidence based - no fads here!

100% Evidence Based


Eating, moving, sleeping, relaxing - these are the tools in Lifestyle Medicine - they should all be fun!

Physician Led

All our programs are directed by a physician who will assess your individual needs based on your own unique history.

Habit Based

Our approach is habit based.  Small changes done consistantly lead to major transformations.



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Take the First Step with a Precision Health Tune Up

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Included in the Core Precision Health Tune Up:

Wellness Quotient

Health Vision

...and your own personal Precision Health Action Plan

Individualize Your Precision Health Tune Up with additional data

TARGET Fitness Assessment

VO2 Max

DXA Body Composition


Hormone Testing

Advanced Lab Testing

...all the information you need to deeply understand your health and to learn what you need to change