• Evidence that diabetes can be reversed through the Lifestyle Medicine approach 
  • How to think about diabetes?
  • Diabetes and medications
  • Diabetes and food 
  • Diabetes and exercise 
  • Diabetes and sleep 
  • Diabetes and stress 
  • Putting it all together - How to stack small habits into sustainable change

All sessions with have time for group interaction as well as Question & Answer


As part of this group program, all participants will have a Lifestyle Medicine Assessment to review the current status of their diabetes and provide them with personalized action plan for taking control of their diabetes through lifestyle behaviours.

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Learn the 4+2 Diabetes Reversal principles and start making the changes necessary to reverse insulin resistance, the process underlying Type II Diabetes.

When: Starts Sept 15th - Tuesday's 4:30-6 pm

Where: Delivered as a Virtual Meeting

Cost: Free with MSP* Coverage

Capacity: 30 people - Register Below

  • Covered by BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) Group Medical Visit 
  • This program requires that you are insured by the BC Medical Services Plan. 
  • With referral from your Family Physician 

Sessions include:

Sessions will be led by 
Dr. Brendan Byrne
Medical Director
Diplomate American Board of Lifestyle Medicine. 

 4+2 Diabetes Reversal

Group Program

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The Wellness Garage 4+2 Diabetes Reversal Program is an evidence based lifestyle medicine program that can help you find the key behaviours that lead to take control of your diabetes

This 6 week FREE* group program is designed to give you the 

knowledge & support you need to take control of your diabetes.