4+2 Diabetes Reversal


 1 on 1 Coaching Support

This coaching program will allow you to implement the 4 + 2 Strategy into your life with the help of a registered dietician and the close guidance of our physician.

The program follows your Lifestyle Medicine Assessment and TARGET Nutrition Plan helping you apply all the recommendations to reverse insulin resistance.

You will have regular appointments with our registered dietician to help you apply the 4+2 principles to your life and preferences.

Throughout your diabetes reversal journey, you will work closely with our physician who will safely de-prescribe medications as you reverse insulin resistance and your blood sugars improve.

The Wellness Garage Diabetes Reversal program will help you address the behaviours that affect your diabetes helping you to improve your metabolic health.

Our program is physician led and 100% evidence based.   

You will be provided with the insights, support, guidance and accountability to transform your health one day at a time, and we will have fun along the way!

Get the personalized support and 1:1 guidance you need to apply the 4+2 Diabetes Reversal Strategy and reverse insulin resistance, the process underlying Type II Diabetes

Working closely with a registered dietician you will learn  to change your nutrition, lose weight and make the necessary changes to reverse diabetes.

Included in the monthly program:

  • Monthly appointments with a Registered Dietitian Health Coach.
  • 4+2 Diabetes Reversal App to track your progress.
  • Secure messaging to your coach.
  • Monthly Group Q & A Sessions with our Physician and Registered Dietitian
  • Medical follow-up and supervision as needed - all medical visits covered by MSP.

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Leave your name and email and our clinic coordinator will reach out and follow up with you, answer any questions you have and help you see if this is the right fit for you.

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Everything our team of experts recommend is evidence based - no fads here!

Evidence Based

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is about you taking control of your own health with better nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction.

Physician Led

All our programs are directed by a physician who will assess your individual needs based on your own unique history.

Underlying Process

The Wellness Garage Approach

Insulin resistance happens for a variety of reasons including age, genetics, obesity, especially visceral obesity, sedentary behavior, stress, poor sleep and of course poor nutrition

Cost: $99/month